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Apples do a better job than caffeine when it comes to keeping people awake in the mornings

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my biggest fear is I’m married & my husband says, “let’s cut sugar out of our diet” so I have to leave with the kids in the middle of the night

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  • Parents: Don't forget to make us proud
  • Friends: Don't forget to socialize
  • Teachers: Don't forget to get A's
  • Strangers: Don't forget to blend in
  • Opposite sex: Don't forget to look good
  • Society: Don't forget to be perfect
  • Tumblr: Fuck the world, at least you haven't murdered somebody today
  • Tumblr: But just in case you want to get away with it, here are some tips.


Whenever I see “write one interesting fact about yourself” I immediately forget everything that I’ve done and seen ever

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